Booklaunch: „Where are you from?“

Booklaunch: „Where are you from?“


Location: Clarke‘s Bookshop, 199 Long Street, Cape Town 8001

Thu., 25.05.2017, 5.30pm - 8pm

Booklaunch: „Where are you from?“

The book launch of Ulla Dentlinger's book "Where are you from. 'Playing White' under Apartheid" will take place at Clarke‘s Bookshop, Cape Town.

The book launch of Ulla Dentlinger’s book „Where are you from. ‚Playing White‚ under Apartheid“ will take place at Clarke‘s Bookshop, 199 Long Street, Cape Town 8001 on 25th May 2017 at 5.30pm.


  • Welcome and Introduction by Ciraj Rassool
  • “Juggling colour in apartheid Namibia“? Ulla Dentlinger in conversation with Horst Kleinschmidt

Refreshments will be served and the book will be on sale.

Please RSVP to Clarke‘s Bookshop: Tel +27(0)21 423 5739, eMail:

On the book:
“My family did the unthinkable: after getting away with ‘playing white’ for some years,
we went one step further and ‘jumped the colour line’. By various obscure and not
well-documented processes, we changed our ‘racial’ classification from ‘coloured’ – as
defined by the apartheid policy of the day – to that of ‘white’. We juggled colour …
the price we paid was anguish, constant fear of detection and a sacrifice of family
connectedness. The decades-long process of becoming completely comfortable with my
ultimate identity was psychologically so unnerving that I have only recently felt free
to talk about it. This is certainly the first time I ever write about it.”